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a boat outing on the bay turned into a frantic call for help, as rough surf tosses five people into the bay and traps two children in an overturned vote. rescuers got everyone out safely. coming up at 11. this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11 starts now. a calm day on the bay turned into a search and rescue mission, as rough surf overturned a boat. it took place in tomales bay. rescue workers found five clinging to the hull of the boat. two children were trapped inside of the boat, which had to be towed ashore. rescue workers were able to pull the children out to safety.
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they were transported to the hospital with a case of hypothermia. considering the circumstances, officials say things could have went worse. in santa cruz, thousands pack the shore for the classic surfing event. a few of the locals took on some of the biggest names in surfing. >> reporter: organizers of the event out here tell me that today's crowd was one of the biggest they've ever had for this surfing event. it's been going on since the 80's. today was a huge success for them. take a look at the video. absolutely glorious day along westcliff drive here in santa cruz. this is current world leader joel parkson. today he beat matt young. 11-time world champion kelly
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slater beat jason collins in round 2 earlier this morning. all in all, a really wonderful day for this event. the waves out there today were some of the best they've seen. around 8, 8 and a half is what they say, out of 10. so pretty darn good waves out there for all of the surfers today. the o'neal cold water classic is still going on. they're going to get into round 4. the tournament is expected to wrap up by tuesday. reporting in santa cruz. as we go into monday, we're going to see temperatures about three to five degrees warmer than what we had today. the temperature map showing a lot of orange near. to the north bay, east bay as well as the south bay. if we're not in the 80's, we'll certainly be into the 70's. forecast highs right around 80 degrees tomorrow for san francisco and oakland. could be some record highs for
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the day. fremont and san jose, low 80's. same for concord. notice the orange. we'll be a few degrees cooler but still quite warm for early november, with san francisco and oakland, mid 70's. san jose close to 80's. concord, 80 degrees. and then after that, things will start to change quite a bit. we'll see much cooler weather come wednesday. a chance for rain on thursday. and for tonight, look for clear sky, mild temperatures, sunny for tomorrow. there could be some patchy, dense fog. could limit visibilities but otherwise a warm day. i'll let you know more about the forecast for the rest of the week, coming up. and these are images of the debris and damage in rockaway beach after superstorm sandy hit. about 145,000 customers in new york city still do not have power as of today, but that number is going dosays public
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transit is coming back but people have to allow extra time for travel this week. many schools will be back in session tomorrow, even though some classrooms still do not have heat. here's a look at how the salvation army is helping out those hardest hit by sandy. >> reporter: the salvation army says planning for the response to superstorm sandy started days before the wicked weather hit land. >> specifically, we had our disaster relief coordinator for the bay area deployed. >> reporter: spokesperson laney says that coordinator is currently in new jersey, districting food, water and providing shelter for those in need. >> it's providing care, providing a listening ear to those that maybe have lost their homes and can't find a family member. we provide someone to talk to and a listening ear, shoulder to cry on. >> reporter: on a daily basis, more than 100,000 people are receiving their meals from more than a dozen of these cantines,
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food trucks, essentially a kitchen on wheels. and if more a needed... >> we have a fleet of nearly 600 cantines or mobile feeding units stationed across the united states to be ready to deploy at a moment's notice. >> reporter: the salvation army says that monetary donations are the most important right now. if you'd like to donate, visit hundreds of runners showed up today to participate in the new york city marathon, despite the fact that it was cancelled. you're looking at video of the runners as they gathered to kick off the iconic event. eyewitnesses described the sight as truly inspiring. the runners then helped to deliver supplies to relief centers. staten island, one of the areas hardest hit, was scheduled to be the starter borough for the annual race. mayor bloomberg cancelled the marathon on friday. fairfield police are still
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looking for two suspects involved in a series of mail thefts. authorities believe a man and a woman driving a newer nissan four-door sedan are connected to the thefts. the two suspects were caught on surveillance camera taking outgoing mail in the laurel creek neighborhood. residents are being advised to check their mailboxes on a daily basis and have the post office hold mail delivery when going out of town. a vehicle rollover in elk grove killed four people today. the accident happened around 4:00 this afternoon just south of franklin road along i-5. officials say three cars were involved in that crash. the northbound i-5 at twin cities road was shut down for several hours. walnut creek police chief announced his plans to retire. briden spent more than 30 years working in law enforcement. he spent the last five of those
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years leading the walnut creek police department. biden says it's time for him to move on. he plans to help hire a new chief to replace him. he is expected to step down in the next six to eight months. it is less than two days until the elections. big changes might come to the senate, depending on the outcome of just who wins on tuesday. details next. recent polls show the presidential race is tight. and predictions of how each state is expected to vote on tuesday, coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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we're learning the identity of a man hit by a muni light rail train friday morning. police say the victim was aman melis. he was walking on the tracks between the montgomery and embarcadero muni station, when he was hit and killed. the station was shut down for several hours, causing widespread delays for the morning commute. the incident still remains
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under investigation. gas prices around the bay area are beginning to drop. the average price for a gallon of regular in san francisco is 4.15. in oakland, it's 3.97. and in san jose, the average cost is 3.95. on a national scale, the average price for a gallon of regular is down to 3.55. that's down 21 cents since late october. unfortunately, for those of us in san francisco, we know we still pay the highest amount across the nation for a gallon of gas, but this is the sharpest drop since 2008 and it's likely to drop another 10 to 20 cents over the next couple of weeks. toyota's quarterly profit tripled. the company reporting a net profit of 3.2 billion, tripling from last year's numbers. toyota raised its full year earnings forecast from a 9.5 billion year earlier to 9.8 billion.
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the company's optimism comes despite a sale plunge in china. eating out eating a hole in your budget? coming up, we'll show you how to dine in gourmet restaurants for under $40.
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most of the election day news centered on the race for president. but the senate could see a power shift come tuesday.
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>> reporter: in the republican wave of 2010, democrats lost control of the house but they kept the senate. democrats control 53 seats in the 100-member chamber. republicans need four to take over. 33 seats are up for grabs. >> it's possible, although it's looking increasingly unlikely, that republicans will be able to gain control of the senate. >> reporter: there's republican olympia snowe's unexpected retirement. republicans will likely lose that seat. then there are the self- inflicted wounds, like this comment from todd akins running in missouri. >> if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. >> reporter: those words
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sparked an outcry. >> that one was kind of the give me. because he said those comments, that race is very much in play. >> reporter: and there was this remark by richard murdoch, explaining why he opposes abortion, even in cases of rape. >> life is a gift from god, and i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something god intended to happen. >> reporter: gop operatives say that statement, while inarticulate, is in line with the views of many supporters. >> a misstatement, a misstep. and suddenly his election is really in doubt. >> reporter: it's too close to call in massachusetts, where liberal favorite elizabeth warren, the former obama administration consumer advocate, is trying to win back the seat scott brown lost in 2010. polls in virginia have the
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democrat tim cane leading senator george allen by just two windows. with races all tied up in places like nevada, arizona and montana, north dakota, wisconsin and connecticut, it could be a nail-biter on tuesday night. and it will be a nail-biter waiting for the presidential election results. we're two days out and experts are predicting a very long election night. the president's senior advisory says mr. obama and mr. romney are in neck, so he expects tallying of voting results to go well into the morning. a poll has the president just one point ahead of romney, 48% to 47%. and for a look at what states could make all the difference in the outcome... >> reporter: california almost certain to vote for president obama. voters in the red states almost
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certain to go for governor romney. arizona and north carolina leaning romney. new mexico, minnesota and pennsylvania are leaning obama. so what do you have left? true toss-up states, we will color them yellow. nevada, colorado, iowa, wisconsin, ohio, virginia, new hampshire, and florida. and check out how close the latest polling numbers are in the yellow swing late. in ohio, maybe the most important state, obama 50% to romney's 47%. in colorado, obama 50, romney 48. in virginia, obama just a one percentage point lead, same thing in florida. in new hampshire, obama 49% to romney's 47%. in iowa, the president with a six percentage point lead. wisconsin, obama 51, romney 44 and in nevada, obama 50% to romney's 46%. the president leads in these states but it's certainly
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within the margin of error. in most cases, romney definitely within striking distance. and a reminder, kron 4 news will have extended election coverage on tuesday. you can also stay updated on our website, a fantastic weekend, both saturday and sunday, clear at the coast. that was the case here in santa cruz. still clear skies all up and down the coast around the bay area and we're going to see that for tomorrow as well. live at the golden gate bridge, and there is no fog out there for this evening. completely clear and warm temperatures too, in the 60's right now. san francisco -- okay. it's about 20 minutes after 11 and we are at 66 degrees. this is a typical high, not a temperature at midnight. san leandro, 59. petaluma, a little bit cooler
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at 52. now for tonight, look for clear skies, mild temperatures to continue. there could be some fog developing in the north bay valley, in petaluma, santa rose. now this is ground fog, fog right at the surface that could limit visibilities but it will be spotty and we'll see sunshine for the rest of the day. highs getting into the 80's in most locations. this warm weather is going to continue for tuesday as well, so two more days of this really nice summer-like weather. san francisco tomorrow, going up to 79 degrees. 80's for oakland. redwood city and san jose also. where you see the star, that means if we hit this temperature, it will be a record high for the day. all these numbers up about 3 or 4 degrees for our monday. satellite view shows clear skies northern california and we've been seeing winds out of the north. these winds come from the north and push all of the cool ocean air out over the ocean instead of them coming in over the bay area. and that's one of the reasons
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why we've been warm. now, as we get closer to the middle of this week, this area of stormy weather up here in the gulf of alaska is going to make a dive toward california. with it, cooler temperatures and even the chance for light rain coming up on thursday. highs tomorrow, before all that cold stuff gets here, we have really nice weather for the south bay. monday, low 80's most place. upper 70's, low 80's for the east bay. even 80's right along the bay. 80's inland. upper 70's, san francisco. 80's, north bay valley. santa rosa, 82. tuesday, a few degrees cooler by the bay. sharply cooler for wednesday. cooler still for thursday, with increasing clouds, chance for light rain, showers sticking around until friday. notice those friday temperatures, just in the 50's. and you can get the seven-day
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forecast and current temperatures anytime on the new kron 4 news 24/7 bay area news coverage on comcast. time now for dine and dish with vicki liviakis. >> we love to eat out in the bay area. trouble is, sometimes it can eat a hole in your pocket. >> reporter: a way to fine dine for under $40. it's called bib. and the michelin guide is out with a list for 2013. fancy restaurants like san francisco's popular kokari. >> if we had to pay a lot of money to come here, we wouldn't be able to come here. >> reporter: there are a total of 70 restaurants on the bay area gormand list. for under $40, tax and tip not included of course. these are hot spots like san
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francisco's slanted door, katonia, oakland's plum. so how do they do it? >> being affordable and reasonable and a good value is -- our portions are also very generous. and there's a reason why it's hard to get in here. >> reporter: proof positive you can stretch your dining dollar in san francisco perhaps more than any other city in the world. my favorite, a fresh greek salad. to get a look at the full list, go to our website at and click on "dine and dish." coming up after the break, melky cabrera, still cashing in.
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well, we told you in our earlier show that because of a loophole, suspended san francisco giants outfielder melky cabrera will receive his full share of the world series championship bonus, even though he didn't play. a rule that states if a suspended player is left off the roster for more than ten games after his suspension, that player will receive a full share. that means he'll get a check of somewhere around $300,000 bucks. here's what you said. robert dove says that he was on the team, and it's legal, to give him his cut.
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and pam harper says, i don't think he deserves anything. he should turn the money over to charity. you can join the conversation on our facebook fan page. just leave us your comments and we'll share more of your thoughts. now, the play-offs are returning to the bay area. this time it's the san jose earthquakes who kicked off their first play-off game against the galaxy, meaning 1- 0. yeah. victor scored on a three kick during stoppage time to lead the earthquakes to victory. the second game of the series will be played in santa clara. it's kind of a big deal. >> pretty exciting. 1-0, doesn't get much closer than that. >> soccer is not a real high- scoring game. all that counts is they won. >> absolutely. we're going to start out really warm and then really cool and wet by the end of the week. >> that's it for us, everybody.
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have a good night. >> that's it for us, everybody. h[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked.
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